RoB 1 Rare, 1HP or 1 CW per referral for LoC

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RoB 1 Rare, 1HP or 1 CW per referral for LoC Empty RoB 1 Rare, 1HP or 1 CW per referral for LoC

Post  Cronolet on Sun Sep 09, 2012 5:34 am


Just started playing Legend of the Crytids and am looking for referrals you can download it off the Market, i am offering 1 HP, 1 CW or 1 rare of your choice from my RoB account in exchange you will put my referral code into LoC, rares i have in rob are as follows:

High Pixie
Skeleton Knight
High Elf
Goblin Fighter
Skull Rider
Angelic Knight
Gold Dragon

Will trade with you once the Ban is lifted on RoB, you get 10,000 and a rare card in LoC and if you dont want to play it theres no need to do more than the tutorial as there are no extra bounses given to me for you leveling up Smile

the referral code i would like you to use is " Cronoleth " and once done you can msg me on here or in game, either game i play both, it will say on my screen who i have invited in game so will know if anyone is fibbing ;P

i have about 20 rares total so when i run out i run out but can offer a stack of feeders in their place if you so wish.

1 rare 1 HP or 1 CW for 5 mins work not bad eh !!

IGN Cronoleth for ROB and LoC

Thanks !!


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